The Accidental Missionary – Official Trailer

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DJ Miller is used to having things his way. After all, he’s one of the big wigs in Hollywood. He’s supposed to be treated like a star on his vacation to a luxury resort, not stranded in the middle of Africa surrounded by goats and leeches and crazy missionaries. But the more time he spends with these people, the more he realizes he may have his idea of the world backwards. And when tragedy strikes, Miller is put to the test and learns that his coming here was no accident after all.

The Accidental Missionary is a romantic comedy that will touch your heart and remind you of what’s really important in life and in God’s plans. The film is written and directed by Chip Rossetti and stars Seth Adair, Jilanne Klaus, “Big” Ed Caylor, and Markus Porter, with a special appearance by Jason London. The Accidental Missionary is out today!


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