Faith of our Fathers – Official Trailer

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In the heat of the Vietnam War, one soldier pleads with his friend to accept Christ before it’s too late. Nearly two decades later, their sons set out on a journey to Washington DC to see their fathers’ names on the wall of the Vietnam Memorial. These two missions, separated by eighteen years and half a world, are fraught with danger, adventure, soul-searching, and the love and grace of Jesus. Will the war for two lost souls be won?

Faith of Our Fathers tells a story of life, death, and what comes after. A film from Pure Flix Entertainment, it features Stephen Baldwin, David A.R. White, Kevin Downes, and Rebecca St. James, with a special appearance from Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Don’t miss this story of fatherhood and journey of brotherhood. Faith of Our Fathers is now in its second week in theaters, so don’t miss it!


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