Saints And Strangers | Official Trailer #3

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National Geographic Channel introduces Saints and Strangers which brings the 1620 Pilgrims tale to life in this cinematic feature.  Saints and Strangers goes deep inside the familiar historical account of Thanksgiving, revealing the trials and tribulations of the first settlers at Plymouth and their complex relationship with the Native Americans.

Vincent Kartheiser stars in the two-night television event told from the pilgrim’s perspective of the historical event. 101 men, women and children, seek religious freedom in the new world.  The brutal journey across the ocean on a vessel never intended to carry passengers had left many sick, hungry and dying. And though the sight of land brought great relief to the travelers, little did they know their journey had only just begun.

The Pilgrims were far from the first settlers in the area, and conflicts and shifting alliances between the region’s Native American tribes — both with the settlers and among each other — played a vital role in the survival of the colony.

A true story of survival, sacrifice, alliances and betrayals, Saints & Strangers shines a light on the desperate and often reckless decisions that went into the founding of one of the first American settlements and the reverberations of those decisions, which would last for centuries to come.


Tune into National Geographic Channel’s two-night movie event Saints & Strangers, premiering Nov. 22-23 at 9/8c

To learn more about this two day event visit: National Geographic Channel